Does anyone really know who Natalie Ann is? In a short answer, no. 

Here's why:

Natalie Ann Cosmetics was founded on the sole purpose of spreading confidence to all women; no matter the age, size, shape or shade. Natalie Ann is a firm believer that all women are beautiful. Growing up, Natalie was an awkward girl in every way possible. From the braces to the unmanageable frizzy hair, her confidence was almost nonexistent. She spent years trying to be pretty like the other girls she saw, but it just didn't work out the same way. Their hair styles didn't work on her hair. Their makeup didn't look good on her skin tone. 

Determined not to settle for being the "not so pretty" friend all her life, Natalie Ann began to experiment with makeup. She spent tons of money buying different shades, textures, and brands. From the dollar store makeup to the high-end lines, she tried it all. Until one day she realized what she was missing. CONFIDENCE. No matter how beautifully the makeup looked, without confidence in what she was wearing, she was never satisfied. So began the slow process of learning self-love for all things uniquely her. Along the way, she discovered other girls felt the same struggle she did. Confidence and loving what makes you uniquely you was a foreign concept to many of the girls around her as well. Thus, Natalie Ann Cosmetics was created. 

Natalie Ann wanted a brand of makeup that not only helped highlight the features that make every girl beautiful in her own way but also encourage her to love them! 

So back to the question...Who is Natalie Ann? 

She is you! She is every girl yearning to feel beautiful in her own skin. Because of this, Natalie Ann puts her heart and soul into every product she creates. From each pigment to every texture, Natalie Ann Cosmetics wants every girl to look good and FEEL good in the products she wears.  

So go on! Wear every shade with confidence! You're already beautiful! :)